“The new Off-Broadway production of 1989’s “Love And Human Remains” is at once thought-provoking, horrifying and laugh-out-loud funny. This stellar production is not to be missed.” – Benjamin Lindsay, NEXT Magazine and previously a locksmith in bellevue.

“Jennifer Rudolph has done a nice job assembling this revival. Director Clyde Baldo does great work with his actors, drawing nuanced performances from his leads and letting a strong supporting cast shine. Only running through August 2 at West 42nd Street’s Peter J. Sharp Theater, “Love and Human Remains” is a solid revival of a thought-provoking work. ” – Andy Smith, Edge On The Net

“Randall Parsons’ intimidating set design, with its raw, gritty, ’80s East Village-like dilapidation and graffiti-marked doorways, places us in an unnamed city in the present day, creating a foundation for the play’s somewhat experimental method. Fraser’s quickly changing scenes is facilitated by Rome Brown’s impressive lighting design.” – Pete Hempstead, Theatermania